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Universal Waste Disposal Services

Mowrey now accepts the following four types Universal Waste from dental offices on a fee basis, as long as it arrives in a proper manner and each of universal waste is kept separate from another.  The State of Minnesota classifies the following as Universal Waste (not Hazardous)  as long as it goes through proper channels to be recycled (not landfilled).  There are three levels of requirements.  Starting with federal regulations, becoming more stringent at each level, but meeting minimum regulations defined by the prior level.  

  • Federal - Basic level regulations.
  • State - May add a level of requirements above and beyond the federal regulations.
  • County - May add a level of requirements above and beyond the State regulations.  In many cases they defer to the state regulations.


**The state of Minnesota requires each of the following to be stored in containers labeled "UW" or "Universal Waste."  We require Universal waste to be in containers labeled the same way for acceptance.

Lead Foil        - $2 per pound

X-ray film       - No charge if dropped off, $20 pickup charge is within salesman territory.  500 lbs.

                        free pickup.

Fixer Solution - $5 per gallon, $100 minimum.

Amalgam        - We sell a 2.5 gallon life latch pail with a poly liner and zip tie for $120.  Amalgam must

                        be in poly liner and zip tied.

We currently do not accept Infectious waste.  But we are looking into it.

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