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Gold and Silver Assay Services

Assay is the process of analyzing material to identify the precious metal content.  We have two assay methods:

Fire Assay:  This assay method is the oldest, most accurate, and remains the industry standard to determine gold and silver content.  All lab work is done in-house by highly qualified and experienced employees to ensure accurate and prompt results.  W.E. Mowrey will perform a fire assay for a $50 fee.

X-ray Fluorescence:  This machine is able to scan the surface of an alloy and read its elemental makeup off its x-ray spectrum.  We now offer X-ray analysis print outs for $25, the X-ray fluorescence machine is a great instrument, however it can be susceptible to error and it is not as accurate as a fire assay.

We work to ensure prompt and accurate results.  

What we require from you:

  • Payment upfront.
  • Sample size: 2 grams or more, metallics only.
  • A representative sample.  This is very important.  If the sample is not representative, the result from our assay will be ineffective.
  • If the sample is taken from a bar it is important that is clean and not contaminated. 
  • X-ray Fluorescence samples must be less than 15 lbs and small enough to fit in the machine.
  • We maintain the right to turn down away material or increase the fees is we feel the sample needs additional preparation and work. 
  • Contact us for further information.